Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Returned Call .. LucasFilm LTD

I thought this was kind of kewl to share with you guys, and to let you know there are good people out there and that calls do get returned sometimes, even from the busiest people. Discovery - There is goodness and real people in the world after all.

I was home outside on the deck a few weeks ago when my wife comes running up, opens the sliding glass door in a hurry with my cell phone ringing in hand (I left it inside the house charging) She hands me the phone with a look of energy and says " I think you will want to take this call" I look at her inquisitively and look at the ringing cell phone. The caller ID reads "Lucas Film"

Low and behold it is Rick McCallum (Producer of Star Wars) giving me a follow up courtesy call.

First off let me say Rick is one hell of a nice guy. To even take the time out of his busy schedule to even call me is very kind and generous. I have spoken briefly with Rick before in the past and he comes off as a very grounded, an all around nice guy that is no different then you and I.

I have found that most of the people at the top of their industry who are successful at what they do are actually some of the nicest common people. You know why? Because those who are talented, professional, kind and nice to work with are the ones who stay at the top. If you are a jerk eventually it's going to catch up to you and I do not care how talented you are, people will simply not want to work with you, and you will destroy yourself. This is what I have found and perhaps not 100% true but I would say 98% of the time. Successful talented people remain successful because not only are they good at what they do, but the love what they do and are enjoyable to work with. treat people well and YOU will go farther in life and your career. Try it!
(again, not always easy to do)

So we chatted for a bit and I even gave Rick a bit of a hard time asking "So, have you finally seen my films"? He said he enjoyed watching them. He saw "Pitching Lucas" before it came out and was even one of the people at Lucas Films to vote on it. He made the commend that my George Lucas office in the film is better then the real one. That made me laugh.

Rick was very kind and generous, easy to talk with, and his support was truly appreciated by me. We talked some of what I am currently working on and so forth and he gave some good advise which I will share with you, " Make your original films and go with it. Stand on your own two feet and go for it."

Well that is just what I have lined up next and we will see how it goes. He said they will be watching and if I ever needed any help I could always call. That is a very kind gesture and one that is kind of producer nicey PC talk, (kind of like .. "Let's do lunch) but someone like Rick does not need to make such a gesture so I can appreciate him even saying something like that.

I warned him "be careful what you say, as I could take you up on that offer"
he chuckled and said " Go ahead, it's no problem"

So there you have it gang, there is some goodness and rightness in the world sometimes and good people just like you and I. Sometimes calls do get returned. Never give up and never let someone say you can not accomplish anything. Just remain professional, courteous, gracious, and as kind as you can in your pursuits.
(not always easy to do)
And NO Rick did not call to offer me a job or anything like that, so come back down to the real world guys, but my name is known to them and I have a good relationship, and that is very good.
Contacts and friends in the industry, you are looking to stir, is a good thing, and it's from a force of talent I respect and a company that inspired me to pursue this crazy thought of a dream... LucasFilm Ltd. I am humbled, honored to even be known for my work thus far and hope I can continue to keep those guys over there, and you as well, impressed and awake. With your support there is no telling what we can do, or fail.


allen said...

That's really quite cool. Congrats on the call!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey that's a really neat story !! It's nice to think that just sometimes these people are so busy as not to be able to call people in the real world !!