Monday, November 27, 2006

The Fountain - a review & more

OK, so over the Thanksgiving holiday ( I hope you had a good one btw) my inlaws were in town and they had the kindness to watch the kids for us and allow my wife and I to go out (something we have not done together in a long time as we have no family that lives near us)

Well one night my wife wants to go to the movies and she picks "The Fountain" starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. We already saw the new James Bond "Casino Royal" the other night (best Bond film ever and I am not a huge Bond fan.. this is an excellent movie!)
But we are talking about "The Fountain"

This was a painful, trite, poor film, that I even witnessed people walk out of. It's written and directed by Darren Aronofsky and I do not know who at Warner Brothers released this film, but man was it bad! On a $35M budget I could think of a lot better ways to spend the studios money. Like "why not we just go around the back, I kick you in the balls and then you just give me the money and we call it square" This would have been a deal compared to the outcome of "The Fountain".

Some like this film and state "it's to deep for most to understand"
It's not deep at all and I was upset at the director for hitting us over and over with his unimaginative repeated visual metaphors, overdone theories of life and death, and poor morality tale. the dialogue, even delivered by talented talent, came off like I was watching a high school one-act play. This was an artsy fartsy disaster. It was even billed as Scifi. terrible. The director is very over done and I do not care how many times you cry and blow up in anger (as they do this all through out the film over and over ) it does not make your acting great or your film deep, it just makes it tired, predictable, trite and dumb. The director obsessed with this film for 6 years, 6 years! and this is what you get when you have a director write the story, script and cast his fiance (Rachel Weisz) in the film. Jackman must have taken this film as a character study development in his career .. My films might be bad and I am not one to talk but man... I want my money back!

But here are what others had to say:

And in others news (as it's my blog and I can do anything I want, even terrible spelling and grammer I hear some of you cringe over.. to bad)
I finally got a MySpace thingy setup. I found you can load video to it and I am using it to finally cut down on the broadband we use from X-ILE PICTURES, and Panic Struck. So if you want and you have a MySpace thingy then check it out: SHANE'S MYSPACE THINGY


allen said...

I always find it amusing when a movie is so hyped as being "artistic" and "deep" and it's just a turd full of corn. It's also quite frustrating when the parents agree to watch the kids and you wind up watching a stinker. Been there...thanks for the warning about the fountain.

TEET said...

Hey Shane, the entire Star Wars fan film "IMPS" can be found on MySpace. I found it while surfing the Star Wars clips. When you get either "Revelations" or "Pitching Lucas" uploaded, I'll put it on my homepage.