Thursday, September 28, 2006

Star Wars Insider Coverage & Bonus

Here is a really cool treat! In the latest '06 Oct/Nov issue of Star Wars insider (Issue #90) there is an article about the winners of the 2006 Star Wars Fan Film winners and they choose to do a very kind article on "Pitching Lucas" and myself. They used some good quotes from me which was very kind of them. Check out this new addition to the Star Wars Insider Magazine and they even have a photo of me in the issue. Pretty kewl gang!

SPECIAL NOTE: In this Issue #90 of the Star Wars Insider is a VERY SPECIAL full page ad I paid to put in to thank all my cast, crew and the many supporters that have stood behind us. I basically took some of the money I won from the contest and tried to give a little back to the people who volunteered and helped make "Pitching Lucas" possible. A special thank you to Adam Benton, one of my CG artists an Panic FX, who did the 3D throphy, popcorn, and film reel model/render for the art I created for this ad. Thanks for the help Adam! It was my way to give credit and a special spotlight to the wonderful people behind the scenes who made the film possible and for making it the winner that it is. Without these people I would not have been able to do and create what I did for "Pitching Lucas" and I wanted to thank all of you! This one is for you!!! Take the ad and frame it and you will have something to remember of what we did and what you helped to accomplish with our little film "Pitching Lucas". Thank you for everything gang! Here is a look see at what the full page ad looks like.

The issue should hit newsstands around the end of October or you can sign up and join to be a Star Wars hyperspace member and you get a subscription to the Star Wars Insider. As a hyperspace member you also get access to exclusive star Wars member info and videos from My favorite is the "Rancho Obiwan" series Steve Sansweet does each month showing his immense Star Wars collection.. Museum really. Click the "Hyperspace" link to join and get your issue #90 of the Star Wars Insider.

If you go to you will see that "Pitching Lucas" is on the main home page. Pretty cool. In terms of what have I been up to and so forth, I just finished a music video shoot this past weekend with my excellent crew and I should be posting pictures and a new blog entry on that adventure next.

In the meantime enjoy the article in the Star Wars Insider about "Pitching Lucas" and be sure to check out the full page ad from X-ILE PICTURES to you!

All the best.... Shane


allen said...

very cool about the article!

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