Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merrily we roll along .. News and more

Well, some bit of news is that a new DVD documentary about Star Wars fan films is coming out this month and it is done by the wonderful people at 5 Heads Tall Productions. These are the people who brought you Inside-Report, which we have been on a few times. Inside-Report is a great internet show about fan films and independent film, hosted by Sky Wilson who does an awesome job (regardless if I have a hard time understanding sometimes :)

Anyway, they have a new DVD coming out this month called "George and Me" which investigates how much of a positive "force" Star Wars has been on fan's lives since its release nearly 30 years ago. It shows that the traditional stereotype of the "geeky" fan has little value in today's world and that being a fan can really enrich your life and give you the courage to shoot for the stars. It features interviews with fans such as Albin Johnson founder of the 501st,, and Shane Felux director of "Revelations", the most successful fan-film to date. It also features many other fans from across the globe who have all done amazing and wonderful things because of their love for Star Wars.

The film took the two indie producers, Sky Wilson and Vin Kelly, nearly 2 years to complete, financing the whole operation themselves travelled across the United States and all over England in order to see first hand the amazing accomplishments that fans had achieved.

Check this one out guys and see what you this. Sky and her team aways put our great quality and I am excited to see how this piece turned out. Let me know what you guys think of it.

se­, hablo espanol?? - Well now for our spanish speaking friends you can watch "Revelations" in espanol subtitles, thanks to our friends in Buenos Aires and
This is really cool streaming video and they really did a nice job of putting thSpanishup in spanish, they even created chapters. Isn't technology and the internet great? We are international!! .. well we always have been, but it's still strange for me to see our film in different languges. Very cool. WATCH IT HERE

Also I got a bit of cool news from a contact at mine at LucasFilm who advised me on the following email that was sent to their employees.

Steve Sansweet and Mary Franklin, our Fan Relations gurus, will be bringing us another installment of Star Wars Fan Films tomorrow:

Star Wars Fan Films
Steve Sansweet
12:15 - 1:15
Premier Theater

Lots of creative Star Wars fans make their own films about the saga, and for the second year running, we'll be presenting the best of them to the folks back here at Lucasfilm. Come and enjoy this year's best shorts including the double-award winner "Pitching Lucas," a hilarious 8-minute film about "Hollywood types" coming to George's office to pitch him on their ideas for a Star Wars television series. We'll also be showing the best of five years worth of films from the annual Star Wars Fan Film Awards co-hosted by Atomfilms and Lucasfilm.

All are welcome to attend.
Hope to see you there!

I have to say I thought that was cool and I would love to be a fly on the wall to see what the creative and talented team over at LucasFilm and their fellow shops like ILM, SkywalkerSound, LucasArts, and so forth had to say about it. The fact that our film conreceived be shown and receieved such a nice write up from their internal system is very cool.
I have emailed Steve Sansweet to see if he could let me know how the response was, and I will let you guys know if I hear something. Such a great honor to have our film shown at the ranch and thank you to the kind support at LucasFilm and keeping the spirit of Star Wars alive.

On top of working 9-5 and taking care of the family, and all that jazz I continue to strive forward and I do not sit still for long. I have a new film project in which I am filming another music video. This is my first paid gig and filelse'sing using someone elses money other then my own, so it's kind of exciting. It's nothing big and I figured... hmm, new baby, make a little extra cash ... OK I'll do it, and this time I can actually pay my cast and crew a bit, that's a new one :)
We shall see how it turns out.
HERE ARE A FEW PICS OF THE LOCATION WE WILL BE SHOOTING AT IN THE SHIZEL OF BALTIMORE. Ahh I love grit .. pretty huh.. yeah but on film. wait and see.


TEET said...

Fantasic!!! So are you going to do it under X-file Pictures or Panic Struck Productions or just your name?

Shane Felux said...

This will be an X-ILE PICTURES production as that is what we work under now. New times.. perhaps bigger and better ones as well :)