Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Latest News

"Pitching Lucas" at Dragon Con
Well, the latest is that if you are going to Dragon Con in Atlanta this coming weekend, Sept. 1st through the 4th. Wish I was going, as this is the one year I will miss it after going for the last few years. It's always a GREAT time! But, we will be there in spirit, as our film "Pitching Lucas" is being shown in the DragonCon Film Festival. If you want a chance to see the film on a large screen here is your oppurtunity, and we hope you will enjoy. Go out watch the entries for this years film fest and support independent film. Who knows, maybe we will win this year.

In other News
The webmaster of, the oldest spanish website about horror/sci-fi movies and part of, the 4th most visited movie site in Spain, has informed me our film "Revelations" is ranked 7th as the most watched fan film on their site. Thanks for the kind support from Spain! We are honored.

Indiewire, the leading news, information, and social networking site for the international independent film community, also did an article on our film "Pitching Lucas" and had some very kind things to say. Read the article "Popular Vote Agrees with George Lucas and Jurors in Two Internet Short Film Competitions"
And Screen Weekly, India, followed suit.

And for now we just keep doing what we do, working, paying bills, watching after the kids and trying to get through and do as best we can. Stay tuned for more down the pipe.


allen said...

congrats on Spain and the good reviews for Pitching Lucas...any chance at all that you'll do a sequal to Revelations?

CaseVandy said...

*sniff sniff* Our little director/producer is growing up!!

Dude! It's so awesome to see your work getting such great reviews and such worldwide attention. It's awesome!


TEET said...

WOW! When are you planning to do your first full feature. I'd pay to see it.

Shane Felux said...

The first full feature I think is quite a ways out still, though I think we will have a rather large project coming down the pipe by next year. We shall see

allen said...

As I'm writing this, my video class is watching REVELATIONS. Very inspiring. They are psyched.