Friday, July 07, 2006

Feelin' Good - it happens sometimes

As I have been trying to get the new site up for X-ILE PICTURES, which is btw, I have been going through a lot of the content and material we have had posted on the Panic Struck site and I stopped for nostalgic reasons and a bit of reflection, as I started to look over the various news and media coverage we have had over the past year or so.
I was a bit amazed when I really stopped and looked at it, and I even started watching some of our interviews and reading some past articles. When you look at it really is quite remarkable what happened and how fortunate we were to get such coverage.

I mean here is a first film, made by a bunch of nobodies, and I am watching interviews with us on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, CBC, and news articles like Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Knight Ridder, The Baltimore Sun, and The Washington Post. I had to stop and think "this is pretty damn neat and remarkable!"

Maybe it is just me reliving a moment in time where we got our 5mins of fame.. Perhaps 20mins. But I think the main thing that strikes me is how much we accomplished and did with so little and just with coordinating so many people. It made me think of all the hard times and good times of making "Revelations" and all the wonderful friends and contacts I made doing the film. It made me miss them, but I had to smile when I started to think about them and how I was hoping they are all doing well and living the dream. Some are.

As I watched and looked at all we did, like the huge premiere of "Revelations", I will never forget that moment, I really stated to get that itch and energy again where I am about ready to take another huge gulp of air and jump again into a new project.
You see once I decided to do something, I simple go into 'Do' mode and everyone better get out of the way or come along for the ride. If my mind is made up and I commit then I lean forward to go to the end. It's only then at that point to I see what I accomplished.
The funny thing is that I just finished a film, "Pitching Lucas" a little over a month ago, and I guess I have had enough down time from that.

I was also burning some DVDs of the BTS of "Revelations" to send to a contact, and so when I burn a new disk I put it in the player to test it and make sure it works. The next thing I know I am sitting at my desk with my feet propped up, sucked in and watching the whole disk. I saw all the old cast and crew again. My CG team, sound team, the costumers, the writers, everyone and it was like opening an old scrap book, but with moving pictures. Again I had to smile and I so want to work with those people again, and more new people. It's fine to revisit what you have done, but I don't want to be some old man who is always showing his grandkids “see back in the day I made this one film and boy look at what I did" and that is all I ever did. I don’t want to be that guy, so it might be time to get going again.. I just hope I have the energy, and let's not even think about the money. Eh, money. That's the one card I do not have yet to completely separate myself from the bullshit distributors, fast talking studio producers, sleek salesmen, and hangers on looking to make money from your hard work while you get nothing.
That's the way it is guys. Whoever has the gold makes the rules. I also like the quote "wherever the gold is, so will the jackals lie"

Anyway.. If you want, you guys can go take a look at some of the past year events and press and see what you think. I found it kind of cool to visit. PAST MEDIA/ PRESS COVERAGE


The Chairman said...

For some reason I missed all of that press coverage and I normally follow the news fairly closely.

But, better late than never. I just came across a trailer posted for it over at a few days ago and tracked down the place to download it. I enjoyed it and it'll be a keeper. If I ever get a DVD burner I'll put into that format to keep as well. You can't beat great entertainment that's free. :)

TEET said...

Way To Go Shane!!! I knew you'd win...I just didn't know you would have won that big. Just don't forget us little guys when you are a real big Director.