Friday, June 02, 2006

"Overnight" how to destroy yourself

I have to share with you guys this facinating documentary film I just watched, as I think you would get a lot out of watching it, and hopefully learn what not to do if you ever go far. But before I get to far into it I have to give a thanks to Trey Stokes, as much as I hate to ;) who loves ya Trey!, as he is the one who actually recommended the film "Overnight" and it was a good call. "Overnight" is a fascinating tale and thanks to Trey. Now I am passing the info to you guys.. all 8 of you (hey look we have more readers now!)

Anyway I caught Trey's podcast interview he did on "Framed" and he recommended this docu film called "Overnight".

I say this is a great documentary not for the fact that it is a well made film but for what the film is about and the subject. "Overnight" centers around Troy Duffy, a vulgar and egocentric barman who managed to sell Miramax head Harvey Weinstein the right to his script "Boondock Saints" as well as a contract for his band and co-ownership of his pub. This documentary film was supposed to capture Duffy's"historic" simultaneous film and music rise to fame. But turned into how Duffy single handedly killed and destroyed his career, his relationship with friends, family, and any and all chances of ever working in Hollywood again. If you watch this film you will be amazed at how this drunk, chain-smoking jackass, who views himself as tinsletown's boy wonder genius, ever got a shot, and has now been labeled as the reason that studios and big executives will never again give a shot to a nobody. Thanks a lot Troy!

Go out and watch this film gang and really appreciate and know that it doesn't matter who you are or who you think you are, being an arrogent ass is never the right direction. Being a jerk doesn't get you anywhere in life I have found and Troy Duffy is a great example of that to watch, laugh and learn. I had to watch this film twice as I found it so amazing that anyone is this stupid, arrogent, and blind. I just shook my head the whole time. The film itself "Overnight" is not done really well for a documentary, as it's not really telling the story well enough and confuses you at times but it's more like watching a reality show train wreak, and like a good train wreck you simply can not turn away. wow. Watch this one gang and learn.
Go ahead and NETFLIX IT!

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