Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Star Wars film "Pitching Lucas" now up!


OK, for those of you who visit here (all 8 of you) I am very pleased to annouce the release of our new fim "Pitching Lucas"!
This is a short 8 min Star Wars comedy we created, and has been accepted into the 2006 Atom Film Star Wars contest. We are very thrilled and honored to be a part of this event.

Watch the film here and vote for "Pitching Lucas' if you like it.

Now to answer and get into it.
"Pitching Lucas" was made in 4 months time and cost $2400 to make. That's it.
It's very easy to keep costs down when everyone is a volunteer (including myself) and we do it for the belief of filmmaking and the quality and challenge we try to do, as well as for the love and showing what the little guy can do. We keep pressing forward, trying to grown, and expand on what is possible. It is also a pleasure to work with so many wonderful talented people and I want to thank everyone who helped and was a part of making "Pitching Lucas" happen!

Now why do another fan film?
Well for us, or for me, the Atom Star Wars Film contest is coming full circle from where we began, which was "Revelations" When we started to make and think about making "Revelations" the original idea was to make an entry for the 2002 atom film contest, but I decided I wanted to do a large serious film and we moved on... the end result of that was 3 years of work and "Revelations"

Atom films is what kind of inspired us to start making films and to get out there and do what we have dreamed to do. So we have always wanted to be a part of the contest and now that "Revelations" was done, I called the old team and said, " how about one more for fun guys, just to see what we can do" and everyone agreed. So I worked with my same crew again as well as new people, using "Pitching Lucas" as a test-bed for what we can do, and looking forward to produce other films that would be original, as well as have fun. We are very proud and pleased with the end result and hope you guys will go watch it, vote for "Pitching Lucas" and lease some nice comments at Atom Film for us. We of course appreciate the support.

What do we win?
Well there are two major awards:

Well, First place is the 'Lucas Select' award, in which George Lucas picks himself. The winner gets $2000, a private video message from George, a sweet trophy, bragging rights, and their film placed in the front page of starwars.com and atomfilms.com

Second place, the 'Audience Choice' award, gets
a sweet trophy, bragging rights, and their film placed in the front page of starwars.com and atomfilms.com

So if you want to see what I have been working on go check it out at atomfilms.com and vote "Pitching Lucas" watch all the entires and see what you think. We of course appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the film! A huge thanks to my wonderful cast and crew.. love ya guys!!!

And tell all your friends, and your firend's friends and people you do not know and your dog (if he can vote) and all the animals and start a huge interoffice "ya got to watch this" craze.. make it happen people.. all 8 of you.. let's see what you can do :)
I will be posting some BTS pics and others from "Pitching Lucas" for you guys as soon as I can. Bear with me :)

- shane


TEET said...

All I can say that it was well worth the wait. Well done, Shane! You got my vote.

CaseVandy said...

Damn dude!!!! that was totally awesome! Voted! Absolutely...

And, Holland was quite ...ummm... distracting!!! hehehe

Great job my friend!

B. Kitty said...

I voted for you! Incredible! Very very cool!

TEET said...

The one thing that I saw and I had to go back to make sure that I saw what I saw, was movie poster for "Revelations" on the corner wall. I didn't know that George was a big fan of yours...lol.

Shane Felux said...

Thanks for the support guys and be sure topass the film on to all your friends and family and everyone. let them see it and vote.

As for the "Revelations" poster in the background.. oh yeah I am sure George has got one of those in his office on the ranch.. lol
It's my little joke to myself and I had to put it in as kind of an easter egg. I get a kick out of it and I needed something to dress the set with ;)