Monday, June 12, 2006


I came across this new magazine I thought was pretty cool called , Fan Film Quarterly, or FFQ, as it is focused on fan films and the fan film community.

It's still pretty small and new right now and not much of a website, but when I went to go look at some of their issues I noticed that Issue #2 has "Revelations" on the cover.
The first thing I think is, "Now that's odd. I had never heard of this magazine and don't remember speaking with them"

I was able to contact the editor and he stated he hoped we didn't mind them using our poster art as the cover to one of their issues. He said they put it out their for their reader to vote which one they would like, Grayson, Revelations, or a Punisher fan film., and the reader's picked "Revelations"

I told him I am fine with them using us as a cover, only I wished I had know as I would have loved to give them some press about it on our website and so forth.
Now that said, there was another supposed fan film magazine called "Online Entertainment" which turned out to be a jerk of a rip off. They did a feature magazine on "Revelations" got orders and then never delivered to anyone. I myself bought a copy to support the publisher and even I never got a copy. Some people do anything to turn a quick easy buck off other people's work. You can complain to Ed Gross about it as he was the editor and is the one who took your money.

But this new magazine I found is on the up and up, and as I stated, they are small but they seem to be pretty cool and the editor was very kind and supportive, even though his latest issue #4 states the top 10 fan films and we are #11 .. We didn't make the cut LOL.
Would you believe "Broken allegiance" beat us out for the 10 spot?

In the current issue the editor put a plug in that said, "If you feel "Revelations" should be in the top 10 of fan films, please email the editor and let us know" OK so if you guys want go ahead and tell them. All 5 of you :)

Anyway I recommend you guys go and check it out and see what you think. If you love fan films and want the latest and greatest news this is the mag. Check out Fan Film Quarterly
Here is a cover of their latest issue
(what demographic do you think they are trying to hit? I wonder :)

Fan films arewhat inspired me to make my first film and I have an affinity to it, and I believe in supporting and cheering on the very think that got me off my butt and making films. You have to start somewhere, why not do something fun and you love?


TwelveMile said...

Love your blog, Shane. I hope something big hits for you soon.

TEET said...

Sorry I haven't replied lately to your blog entries. Work has us working alot of overtime, the plant has just been sold and my publication is lacking due to it. But on the good side, I'm glad to hear about FFQ and they have my support. When is your new film coming out?