Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sound Award for Panic Team- 328 Studios

One of the wonderful things about making a film such as "Revelations" is the experience to meet and work with many talented people, many of which are now good friends of mine, and I love to see them all succeed. A great deal of skill helped make "Revelations" possible and most were people I had never met. They were contacts I had simply cold called or people who emailed me and we started a communication. With close to 200 people from around the world to make the film it is remarkable to have worked with some many wonderful and dedicated people.
One of the goals of "Revelations", other than to show our own talent and work, was to do a project to showcase as many artists as we can find and provide them with a strong professional project in which their work could be seen by a large audience and the industry as well. It was a chance for talented artists, and there are a good deal of them out there, to show their work and perhaps jump start their careers or get them a shot.
One such team we had the privilege to work with was 328 Studios.
I met Wes Kawaja, the founder and owner of 328 Studios, when he emailed a simple message to me saying,

" I really enjoyed watching your teaser trailer for your star wars film "Revelations" and I have to say it is looking remarkable, but the sound design you have really isn't that good. Take a look at this clip I am sending you in which I have taken your trailer and redone the sound. See how you like this and give me a call."

At the time of releasing the "Revelations" teaser trailer I didn't have sound designers or engineers and I simply did the sound work myself. I knew it wasn't that good, but I didn't think it was that bad, so I downloaded and took a look see at what this 328 studios did to my trailer. Wow was it good. It made the teaser so much stronger and the design work and detail was excellent. I immediately called Wes at 328 and said " You got the job if you want it!"
And that started our relationship.

At the time 328 Studios was just trying to get off the ground and they had never done a sound design and mix for a film and especially one of the scope and size of "Revelations". It was a learning process for us all, but 328 was dedicated, committed and did some excellent work for us. So much so that Wes just contacted me a few days ago letting me know that they were awarded a Telly Award for their sound design work on "Revelations".

Now, they have seen a great deal of work come in from their work with us and the fact that they worked so hard and did such a great job on "Revelations" it now has them doing futher film work, commercials, music artist mixes and so forth. When I spoke with Wes he stated they are actually crazy busy and doing really well. Nothing makes me happier! If I never go on and do anything but people who worked with me get discovered or further their careers through what they did with us is what it's all about and I love it. It makes me feel so good that such talented people might get their careers started or get their shot because of what we did.. That is awesome and we will root for you all the way guys!! Congrats to 328 Studios, you guys Rock!


JoeMetro said...

Shane man,

You're gonna make it... we're gonna help you. Remember that line from Ghostbusters?... "Yer never gonna regret this Ray... everyone has 3 mortgages these days." :o)) See ya soon.

(Nice interview over at SFS btw... what was that stuff on the monitor ???? Inquiring minds want to know ;o) )

Shane Felux said...

LOL .. hey Joe. yeah I remember taht quote from "Ghostbuster" Ray then also says " you didn't even negotiate."

I appreciate the support. As for my interview for SFS and what you saw in the background is a shot from my next film, which will come out June 20th. That's all I can tell you for now, but I will course let you guys know more when the film is released to the public viewing. I think you will enjoy it :)

- shane