Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fans Invade Hollywood

5/15/06 NEW UPDATE - Watch my interview clip with Sci-fi Studios. CLICK HERE

(If you look closely behind me you can see a small look at the next film I will be releasing soon. This interview was done while I was in the studio finishing the film)

I have some great news to share with you guys and something I think is a remarkable idea and concept. Since my interview on MSNBC with Tim Brazeal (the creator of and I have kind of been working with Tim and helping him and his remarkable team form a new and astounding idea called SciFi Studios.

The idea and concept is to give fans a voice in the industry and make films, stories, TV shows and more through this community of industry professionals and fans all working to create product they want to see. Scifi Studios is an out of the box thinking and could change the face of filmmaking and give the fans a strong influence of what we see and enjoy in terms of entertainment.

Tim Brazeal and his team (yes I am a part of it) have created a remarkable community in which fans can submit their ideas, opinions and even be involved in the production. You can be a producer, actor, writer, whatever you have a dream or interest to aspire to be.. here is a real chance. And fans are not alone in this as veteran talent and top hollywood professionals are meshed in with the scifi studios team and working alone side and with the fans. What an exciting concept!

Big names in the industry are putting their names to the project. What kind of names?
Here are just a few:

Rod Roddenberry- son of legendary science-fiction creator, Gene Roddenberry, whose television series, Star Trek, changed the face of television.

Manny Coto: Co-executive producer of Star Trek: Enterprise. He has written some of the most well-received episodes of the series, including "Similitude," "Chosen Realm" and "Azati Prime."
Co-executive producer for the hit series 24.

Jim Uhls: Wrote the screenplay for Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, and directed by David Fincher; as well as the NBC television film, Semper Fi, produced by Steven Spielberg.

Jon Karas:Producer, personal management business since 1990 with notable writer and director clients who include Roger Towne (The Recruit, The Natural), Norman Steinberg (Blazing Saddles, The Cosby Show) Douglas Day Stewart (An Officer and a Gentleman), Clancy Sigal (Frida), Raymond and Eugenia Singer (Mulan, Iron Jawed Angels), and Robert Collector (Memoirs of An Invisible Man, Believe in Me)

And of course the big guy himself Tim Brazeal who is the brilliant mad man behind it all. I tell you, I have been behind the scenes and have been talking with Tim for a year or so while he has been working on setting this idea up and it is amazing what he has coordinated and made happen. He may not be much to look at but Tim is the real deal and is a real mover. He is one hell of a guy and I am honored to be a part of the adventure.

These are just a few. Go to the "Who is Scifi Studios" to read more of who is involved, and more talent is signing on and getting involved.

So go check it out guys, sign up and see what this new idea can do and produce. Think about it, you can be involved in making films happen, your ideas and talent could go up on the big screen and you can be involved. This is a huge community and a deep site that has really pulled out all the stops. With a 'myscifi' community that is already 326 users rich and growing, with it's doors only being open for 4 days. wow. So if you have a story you would like made or if you would like to be behind the scenes of the film industry and make something happen here is your chance. This could really change the face of the entertainment world and start a whole new thing.
I hope to see you over there.


Brandon said...

Shane, this sounds great, and is something that I have always wanted to see. I am going to check out the site right now. I hope this works out well.

Brandon said...

This looks brilliant! I am joining (free for now, money is tight). I want so support and contribute this absolutely wonderful idea! Please pass my excitement, hope, and best wishes to the others. Hopefully I will be able to do so myself down the road.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Seems like a very cool idea !!

TEET said...

All I can say is...It's about time! I have joined also and hopefully between working on Fan Film Monthly and W.O.R.K., I can finish up my stories and see if they can be made into movies too.