Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some people .. "Can't Burn DVD"

OK, I figured I would share this story with you guys as I have to say it made me laugh. From time to time I get a fair amount of emails from and about "Revelations" and most of it is "Can you do FX for my film for free" , " I would like to star in your next film", " here is my script I would like you to read" and even some "Your film was awesome and thank you".

Then of course every now and then, and not very often as I would think, I get the " you suck" and "Your film sucks worst then you". We have talked about this before and that's just the way it is. People are funny.

Anyway I get this email yesterday .. and it reads
Subject: Can't burn DVD

"I have downloaded your *#%$$ed up video and I cannot find anything that will extract test files and make a DVD move out of this 3.49gig file. What a $#@!ing waste of this. Piss on your stupid movie, could you have made it any more difficult"

Now I just had to laugh when I read this! Let me get this straight you hated my film so much that you took the time to donwload the 3.49GB file and spent even more time trying to burn it to a DVD and got so mad that this FREE film wouldn't work for you. Are you serious?

Some people.. I tell you. I give you a FREE film, which I worked 3 years while working a 9-5 job, raising a family, and spending money I do not have to make it ( I am still in debt) and even provide people with the DVD artwork , the disk art and even pay for the server and bandwidth to host it, again all FREE to people, and this guy is bitching because he can not get it to work, and is mad that it should be made easier for him?! perhaps I should tour about the world on my magical sleigh delivering free DVDs under people's pillows while they sleep.

When I burn a DVD it's done right on my home computer in my basement with the cost of the blank DVDs, photo paper, DVD cases, and the ink it takes to print, and then the time to burn, print and essemble. (about 1 hour total per 2 disk final set)
It's not do through some fancy duplication service. It's just me and my wife.

I don't know any other production or site that even offers a DVD quality download of their film for FREE. We didn't have to do that, but we wanted to give viewers as much as we could and even at our own expense with no compensation other than the pride people might enjoy it and that our work is being watched and hopefully appreciated.

So I had to laugh guys and here was my reply to our friend

"LOL .. your email is quite humorous. If you are having problems burning the DVD, perhaps you are just stupid, as I can tell your not polite :)

But if you want you can email zap@master-zap.com and he can talk youthrough it. We have had over 500,000 who have downloaded and burn the disks with no problems. And if you are so upset why don't you get your money back.. OH that'sright it was FREE!!"

So I was polite with a bit of sting, but I just couldn't resist. At least I didn't close me email with
"and kiss my ass" as I so wanted to. See I can hold back and be nicey nice.. right?

And if you would like to download the "Revelations" DVD 2 disk you can do so from HERE


TEET said...

OMG!!!It shouldn't surprise me at all, but this one did. Zap's advice came kind of late, after I did a google search and figured out what I was doing wrong. You're really getting that many scripts in...and here I was going to submit mine...LOL.

Shane Felux said...

No worries teet :) You can always send a script for me to read if you like, but I might not get on it right away. I do get a good deal of unsolicited scripts of people wanted me to read their ' great idea' and who knows maybe someone will have one, so I always try and stay open and read other peoples work.

Are you saying that was YOUR email that said "Piss on you film" and all that jazz?? LOL

TEET said...

ME...would I say that about Revelations? Never...LOL.

CaseVandy said...

Gah! Shane!! be a little sadistic won't you??? LOL!

Being in IT field, I know exactly where you are coming from. It's not so much that the dude didn't know or understand HOW to burn a DVD. That actually can be a difficult and scary thing for people. I'm just surprised he was able to download it. What the realy stinger was is the fact it was all blamed on you. I mean really.. we all know it's your fault for global warming and all!

Anyway.. love the comment back.. it is more fun to put in little 'comments' than a full on slam! Altho, he was prolly looking at it with the 'deer in the headlights' look trying to figure out how to get his money back! HAHA...



Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

When are we going to get some info on your new project? Whether or not it should be pissed on like Revelations (just playing), I want to know something about it.

Master Zap said...

The most sadistic part of this is that Shane sends all the St00pid qweries from the n00bs who can't find up and down on a DVD or can't spell "torrent"... TO ME.

Thank YOU Shane, thank YOU ;)


Just teasi'n.


Shane Felux said...

LOL .. I was wondering when you would thank me for that Zap, and it's kind of a joke to myself. " I wonder how much Email Zap get's just from stupid people wanting to know how to burn these DVD's?"
It's my sick humor I know, but it's only because I love ya ;)

Though you are the technical and smart one Zap (just ask him and he will tell you) and after all you invented mental ray. I figured you would like the email and be popular ;)

It is the least I can do Zap
(my swedish Monkey)

And if you out there would like to email and ask all your questions about life, DVD burning, Bit Torrent and what is the internet and how it works, just email: zap@master-zap.com
He is there for you!