Monday, April 10, 2006

Panic Struck Pro on UK TV "Channel 5"

UPDATE Watch the clip from
Channel 5 "The Gadget Show" HERE - MP4 file 4.66MB

I am amazed as we come up to the 1 year anniversary of "Revelations" (April 16th) that we are still getting coverage and press for the film. I never thought we would do so well or get such attention as we did, and it still amazes me. I figured some local news might cover what we did and that would be the end of it, but I didn't expect the remarkable title wave of press such as CNN, CBS, MSNBC, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, Washington Post, CBC, BBC, Tech TV, plus magazines, internet sites and newspapers from around the world.
It is a thrill and we truly appreciate all the kind interest and support.

So with that said, I have been informed, Channel 5 in the UK on their segment called "The Gadget Show" will be airing 30 seconds from "Revelations" and a quote from myself (be afraid) which airs tonight at 7.15 pm British Summertime. It will also repeated on Saturday morning at 11.15 am, so for our UK fans out there, let me know if you guys catch the airing of this piece on Channel 5 and let me know how it turns out. A big thanks to Channel 5 and all our mates across the pond.


ipodpolo said...


What a great piece of work. Saw the Gadget show yesterday and downloaded the movie this morning. Makes the budgets spent by Mr. Lucas seem a bit ridiculous when you guys come up something so slick for a minute fraction of the money spent on Episode Three.


Shane Felux said...

I am so glad you caught us on channel 5 there in ths Uk on "The Gadget show" and thanks for the kind support. It's pretty easy to keep the budget down on a film when everyone is a volunteer and no one get's paid :)
OK, it's not easy, but it's one way to do it. We hope to go on and do more that is better and hope you will enjoy our future projects as well. Thanks for checking us out! - shane

Chris Bouchard said...

great stuff Shane! wish i'd caught the show, but that sure is a nice little clip they featured. thanks for uploading it. did they say anything else about the film perchance?

best of luck with the new short, i can't wait to see it here pond-side. excellent.
- Chris