Friday, April 07, 2006

The Kid Stays in The Picture .. and more

One of the things I just recently been turned on to is this new Ipod technology (well it's not real new, but I finally got on the band wagon)

My wife bought me one last Christmas despite me frowning and saying "Now what do I need this for? It's just another walkman gadget and I don't have time to use it. It will go to waste."

My wife explained " No you can watch videos on it, listen to tons of music without having to carry around all those CDs you have, as well as listen to podcasts and more"

Hmm, well my wife is smart, and she actually is the one who is in charge of hooking up the entertained unit, surround sound, and all that jazz at home. Not me, and I have no problem with that at all. That is not to say I am not technical it's just somethings I do not get into, and this Ipod fad was one of them. And as it happens sometime.. I was wrong, and yes dear you were right. This Ipod is pretty damn cool. You want to know why?

Well my commute to work is about an hour to an hour and half, and that's going only 30 miles one way :)
So I sit in traffic day in and day out, and a good friend of mine, a writer from LA of all places, asked me.
"You read a lot?"
"yeah "I say," but only at night"
"Well if you have an Ipod you can listen to books on it. All you have to do is download the book to your Ipod and enjoy"

Now this perks my interest. Hmm. So my friend Pete recommends a book called "Disney Wars" by, James B. Stewart, and it is a fascinating book about the Eisner dynasty as the CEO of Disney and the craziness of the industry as well as what goes on behind closed doors of big studios. It is a very interesting read and I recommend it to you.

So after this first book (which I have now listened to twice) I am hooked on this Ipod revolution and I am thinking "This thing is great!" It almost makes my commute, bumper to bumper, enjoyable. I just listen and learn to some great stories and books as I drive to my 9-5.. not bad. I even come home to my wife and say "This thing is great, can you get me some more books for it?"

Well my buddy Pete recommends another good book, all of which is in the sublect I enjoy reading right now about the insight and looks of the crazy industry in film/TV.
This next one he recommends is by far one of the best I have read (or listened to really LOL)

It's called "The Kid Stays in the Picture"written and narrated by: Robert Evans, the actual bad boy and past king of Hollywood. This is one hell of a great book and life story, but the thing that really has me enjoying it as how Evan's tells the story!

This guy is a piece of work and has me laughing while the guy next to me is flicking me off in my morning commute. I don't care, I am enthralled in hearing the story of Robert Evan's rise, and fall and the many encounters such as; Errol Flynn, James Cagney, Jack Nicolson, Mia Farrow, Mike Todd, and Francis Ford Coppola, to name a few, all the while it's all told by the actual guy.. Robert Evans.

The thing is, when the book first starts and you hear the author speak in this rough deep bass, that assaults my ears at first and I think " is this guy speaking through a throat kazoo"
but quickly he grows on me and the way he tells it.. Mr. Evan's is one hell of a story teller and it would be fascinating to meet this nut as the guy who did so much and having most of Hollywood hating him while he did it. Crazy!
I just wouldn't want to meet him as my boss or studio producer, or maybe I would (shrug) Nah this guy would eat you for breakfast lunch and dinner, and save leftovers in a doggy bag to take home.

Anyway, if you guys are into the Ipod thing and are wanting insight to movie making, the industry and history of the movers and shakers in film I have got a few good ones you will want to download and enjoy. These books are not about "how to make film" but the tell you a lot why films you have seen got made, who made them happen, and how it all came about. It all gives you a good look at what happens behind studio doors and the big suits who run them. It's a true glance at Hollywood and the crazy, crazy people who run in and who run screaming away from it.
Anyway be sure to read:

"Disney Wars" By, James B. Stewart

"Shoot Out: Surviving Game and (Mis)Fortune in Hollywood " By, Peter Guber, Peter Bart

"The Kid Stays in the Picture" By, Robert Evans

On a side note I actually did give Mr. Evan's office a call (would you believe the kid is still in the picture) heh, any way I just wanted to let him know how much I enjoyed his stories and excellent book (not that his office would care :)
Anyway I simply left the message with his polite assitant .. I doubt if Evan's will get the message but that's not really the point, the fact I wanted his office to know people out here enjoyed the work Evan's put forth. Hey remember what do you have to lose and to hell with them :)

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