Friday, April 14, 2006

Holland Hopeful

I got great news yesterday for Holland Gedney, and I thought I would share it with you guys as we are excited.

In case you guys do not know Holland Gedney played 'Raux' in Star wars "Revelations", and after the premiere, Holland was finishing college and looking to start her career.

She came to me asking if I could come and videotape her singing to create a demo reel/audition video for her submission to join the"Cirque Du Soleil" production. I told Holland "Ah we can do better then that" and I blew the whole thing into a full production to create Holland a music video that shows her stunning talent, skill and beauty.

So with two days of shooting (one on location in a nasty alley in Baltimore, MD, and the other in studio) and only 2.5 months of time, and about $2,400 later we had Hollands music video.
This was all done on a small scale with a crew of seven, one actor, and one FX artist
(and again no one being paid to make it, just everyone volunteering for the love and belief) .

I am really pleased how this piece turned out, and Holland is wonderful to hear and see.
She did a stellar job and it would appear that "Cirque Du Soleil" thinks so as well, as Holland sent them her headshot, resume and the music video, and she just got a call asking her to come in and audition with them. That was the news Holland called to share with me yesterday. This is very exciting for us! Go Holland!!

Our goal was to create a strong music video for Holland that would get people to perhaps raise their heads up and pay attention to her talents, and it seems to have worked! Nothing makes me happier and I so hope Holland gets the job. Knowing that I had a part in making someone elses dreams come true.. that's what it is all about, and Holland deserves it. See, so once again the little guy can perhaps do something of notice.

I just hope she remembers us little people when she is big and famous and remembers who got her started and believed in her.

Go check out Holland's website, watch the video/ pictures, listen to the music and see what you think, and YES that really is Holland singing! Very talented.

Watch it on IFILM vote, leave comments, and support Holland.
We wish her the very best!

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