Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dolby and NAB 2006 with Panic Member

Here is a piece of news I wanted to share. With us currently working on a new short film project we have picked up a few new artists to join the ranks. One of these new artists is
Mark Edmondson, who is the supervisor of postproduction audio at the Discovery Channel.

Mark came to us as a huge Star Wars fan (who isn't) and jumped right on board with us doing all original music, sound design and engineering for our next short film (which I can not reveal just yet.. yeah, yeah.. your sick of me saying that (Hype, Hype) But I can tell you this, Mark's work is astounding and makes me giddy when I hear it. Wait and see.. you have no choice :)

Mark is a stunning talent and I am very pleased to announce him as being a part of our volunteer production team.

Mark will be at the NAB 2006 conference this coming week, as he will be a speaker at the event and be availible at the Dolby booth to answer questions or just talk jiv about sound stuff (that's what he does and does it well) In case you have never heard of NAB, it is the world largest electronic media show. From entertainment to news to business communications, NAB2006 is the only global event that covers the entire spectrum of media. A very cool event (wish I could go) Anyway it is being held in Las Vegas April 22-27. Check out the site here.
All out best to Mark at NAB and for being featured on the Dolby Website.


Andy Typaldos said...

Check out the NAB Parties list, the most thorough party list around.

Shane Felux said...

Sweet.. thanks for the excellent link Andy. I got an invite from Adobe to come to their mixer but alas I am not going to NAB. Can't afford it and way to busy right now, but really wish I could go, as it is on hell of an expo. Some of the best tech and toys in the industry is there. For my five readers out there, if your going to NAB, Andy's got the hook up.. drink are on him :) JK