Saturday, February 04, 2006

SUNDANCE 06' Follow-up

Well, as some of you might have read in an earlier post that Panic Struck Productions actually had some presents at this year Sundance Film Festival 06'. I got an email from Adobe and they emailed me the PDF file of the banner they used at the festival featuring our film "Revelations" CHECK IT OUT.

I would have given anything to see that banner live at the festival and snapped a shot of that. This banner was 33.5" X 80".. pretty good size, and it would have warmed my heart to see. The little guy actually there at the heart of one of the largest A-list film festivals. Not bad and it's a great start for us first time out of the gate.

Adobe also advised they will be sending me some hard copies of the brochure and pamphlets they handed out at the festival that had our film in it. That will be cool to see.

Even cooler news.. Abobe finally released the interview clip they did with me and it is now on their website! This interview featuring Panic Struck Productions and what we did with their excellent software solutions applied to "Revelations" and was used as marketing content at Sundance. NICE!

Take a LOOK! The interview was shot in HD and Adobe did a nice treatment and the guys who shot it did some great lighting and camera work. Thank you to Adobe and Big Sky Communications (who actually did the work.. nice job Big Sky!) We are honored by this and appreciate the support!

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