Friday, January 27, 2006

MovieMaker Mag Mention

Here is kind a of cool story. Last night my wife (Dawn) and I are sitting at the kitchen table, and I am on the phone talking to a good friend,while Dawn is browsing through my subscription copy of MovieMaker Magazine which had just come in the mail. I am having a conversation on the phone when all of a sudden Dawn starts screaming and says "holly shit!"
"What is your problem??" I ask her while cupping phone. She holds up the section of an article in MovieMaker about the "Top 10 American Cities to be a Moviemaker" and within the article Baltimore, MD is actually number 8. Dawn still excited exclaims
"Your in the magazine.. they mentioned your name!"
I frown and think ..what!! Dawn rotates the magazine towards me and shows me the article and sure enough..Within the article it says,

"Jon Jolles says, "Why? We're the friggin' home of independentmoviemaking, for chrissakes. John Waters was doing it here before people even knewwhat an independent film was- before there was a name for it. Back then it was a'midnight movie.'"(next paragraph) But Baltimore offers great diversity, too. Some of the city's recent offeringsinclude Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady's documentary "The Boys of Baraka", ShaneFelux's "Star Wars: Revelations", Lee..."

huh.. I have to say that was pretty cool, andI probablly would have missed the article if Dawn hadn't been browsing through it. I don't think the mentioning of my name in a mag is something to scream about,I mean it's not like I was on the cover (hmmm, now that would be worth screaming about) but it was very cool and it even amazed me that after the time of the premiere, some 9 months ago, our film still sticks in some peoples heads and is still being talked about. That tells me what we did made somewhat of an impression, and that is awesome. I am working right now on making another impression with a short, but I can not tell you much right now. If all goes well it will be out sometime in July.

If you want, you can pick up a copy of the next issue of MovieMaker Magazine from stores or subscribe from their website. The article I am mensioned in is
Issue 61, vol. 13 - Ralph Fiennes on the cover
It should be in news stands next week.
It's a great magazine and I enjoyed it long before anyone ever thought to mention me in an article. It covers great news and articles of the art and business of film making. Check it out!

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