Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big Monster shows "Revelations"

A bit more kewl coverage and press for Panic Struck Productions and "Revelations"
BigMonster.TV, a UK based web broadcast site which offers a pro production feel with excellent unique content dealing with the creative media industries and great subjects as :


The site covering Genre material including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Cult and Anime.

BigMonster got wind of "Revelations" and are now showing the trailer on their site. Be sure to go and check em' out. Their content can even be watched on your cell phone.
I love the treatment and presentation of this site as the whole package is very well constructed.

Stay tuned as BigMonster has suggested following up with us on doing a feature interview for their site. We will let you guys know, in the mean time see what you think of BigMonster.TV, they are giving away a PSP on their site.. you bet I put in for it .. though I never win contests :)

Myself I dig this site and love the insight it gives to subjects I find interesting such as games, comics, and of MOVIES.


Manny said...


Your film is such an inspiration to so many people for its special effects, storytelling, and acting on low budget. However, no seems to point out your greatest talent of marketing the film when it was done.

Lots of fan films are made year in and year out. You somehow got a tidel wave of press (free, I assume).

On a future post, could you detail the tactics and steps you took to get the word out about your film? Three million downloads for a free product in a few months time is an amazing feat.

Shane Felux said...

Thanks for the post Manny,and thank you for the kindness and support. You make a valid point and I will (just for you) come out with a new entry that talks about marketing and how to promote your film. There were alot of factors that went into making "Revelations" so well seen in the media's eye. I will be sure to write something up that hopefully helps. Thanks again for the support and reading my silly blog :)

- shane