Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Panic Struck at Sundance??

A cool piece of news to share. As you might recall (those of you who read this blog) Adobe did a spotlight article on Panic Struck Productions and specifically what we did using their products making our first film "Revelations" You can read that article HERE.

So over the Christmas break I get an email from Adobe marketing asking to use the article they created as well as images and content to be used at their booth which will be present at the Sundance 2006 Film Festival! Adobe is a presenting Sponsor at Sundance this coming year.

In case you have not heard or know much about "Sundance" it is perhaps one of the largest and highly prestigious film fest events in the world. Industry professionals such as studio execs, distributors from around the world and so forth attend this event looking for new films and products to pick up. For an Independent film maker it is a big shot to getting your dream produced or brought to a large audience. It's a big event and holds a lot of clout in the film world.

So when Adobe asked if they could use our material and content for their booth of course I was "Sure, have at it!" I was thrilled. So we may not be a selected film showing at Sundance (I would never imagine to be) but Panic Struck Productions will be there in some capacity... and that's still a great honor in my mind! If any of you go to the event in January please be sure to check out the Adobe booth, take a picture, send it to me, and let me know how we looked there :)
Check out the Sundance Film Festival Event here

Panic Struck Productions continues to generate further media and press coverage (which I find remarkable) and this time the Hollywood Reporter found us interesting to mention. Check out the article here titled: "Calling-card shorts", as well as the same article published at The Washington Post.

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