Friday, December 30, 2005

Inside Report and TFN Honor Panic Struck

We are very honored this year from the 2005 Inside Report Fan Films Awards.

Panic Struck Productions was kindly awarded and won the following categories:

- Best Cinematography "Revelations" Jack Foley
- Best CG "Revelations" Panic FX Team
- Best Actress " Revelations" Gina Hernandez
- Best Serious Film "Revelations"
We were also honored with a special award from Inside Report directly for "Outstanding Services"

catch me with me pants down - wow imagine that!

Thank you to Sky Wilson and her wonderful crew at Inside Report as well as the fans and TFN for this great honor. We are thrilled so many people enjoyed "Revelations" for what it was, and what we were able to achieve with volunteers from around the world and what we completed with so little. I want to thank my stunning cast and crew and all the many people who helped make "Revelations" possible! Thank you guys. This award is for you and your hard work!!

For those of you who have not heard or know about The Inside Report, it is a wonderful internet based show by 5heads Tall, which covers the Star Wars film genre as well as other independent films out there. They have been an excellent show to watch and as I understand this last segment was the last show of Inside Report, but they stated to look for the new year and a new show called "View It"

Be sure to check out their website for updates and to also watch achieved shows from the Inside Report. I am a huge fan of what these guys have done. The Inside Report came all the way over from the UK to cover the "Revelations" Theatrical Premiere Event in Baltimore, MD and they were wonderful to meet. You can download watch that segment from the premiere HERE.

5heads Tall also has the trailer out for their documentary film titled "George & Me" which looks to be a great piece on fans and how Star Wars influenced so many from around the world. Check out there Trailer HERE

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