Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Newest Release - Music Video

Many want to know what I have been working on since "Revelations" and one small project I have been doing is a music video for Holland Gedney. Well, I am very pleased to announce and release that the music vid is out and you can download and hopefully enjoy it.


This was a small project I took on and was filmed on location in a nasty Baltimore city alley and in studio for greenscreen. We used a small crew of about six and one FX artist. The whole thing between 9-5 jobs, paying bills and family took 2.5 months to complete and it was again a pro-bono job. It was a way to support what I feel is an excellent talent (Holland Gedney) and gives us a chance to do what we love to do. Film!

Overall I am proud of what we did with so little (why does that sound familiar) though I do feel I missed the mark again and not pulling out the level I was going for. I am very pleased with the look/feel, the edit, camera and talent, however some aspects still don't hit it for me and I am always looking to do better. So we will just keep growing and working if we can. I hope some of you enjoy it, as again it was done using the solutions and technology you have right at your own fingertips and you could do this as well, perhaps even better. So if you enjoy this please send and share it around to everyone to support Holland and maybe we can get her some good exposure.

A huge thank you to my crew who make all this happen for me (the people I work with are awesome and again they are volunteers. We do this because we love film, and working together to create something special) Thank you to Holland who I felt did an awesome job, she looks smokin hot and really nailed this performance, and what a voice.. wow!


John Moore said...

Holy friggin cow.

Uh, yeah. That's my critique.


The good points of the film:

Holy friggin cow. Just about everything! Man... That was awesome....

The bad points.....



I'm thinkin'....

Some of the bluescreening in the beginning was a little rough, but man.....

Wow! That was awesome!

I'm going to watch it again and have a friend of mine watch it! And I'm going to this Gal's website. She's very talented!

Needless to say, you sold me on her, and thus you've done your job very well! Haha....

Keep it up man!

John Moore said...

Sorry to double post:

But what camera was that filmed on?

How long did it take you to produce that, from start to finish, and how many crew members did you have?

Any other things you feel like pointing out?

I'm really impressed...

CaseVandy said...

Umm.. yeah, what John Said :P

That was a totally awesome video.

Holland is hot! And the video just shows how passionate that song really is!

I thought you did a great job.

I look forward to seeing more from ya!