Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Calling Mr. Lucas .. Follow-up

So, if you will recall from one of the later post I did in fact send a presskit and DVD screener to Mr. Lucas and I have a reply to share with you that I got in the mail on nice LucasFilm LTd letterhead.

(quoted from the letter)

" Dear Mr. Felux:
George Lucas is away from the office but has read your letter dated October 25.
While he appreciates the sincerity of your request, he regrets that he is not able to have a look at your film. We hope you can understand that the pressures of his schedule are tremendous.
We wish you continued success with your filmmaking career."

So there you go gang. It's an official blow off letter, but what did you expect!?

I can understand that George is very busy these days, and wish him the best. It was nice for him to even take a look at my letter. Most of the times it goes right in the trash by a receptionist or intern. I have found despite how busy and big LucasFilms Ltd. is, they will always take your call, not transfer you to voicemail hell, and they are very real and human over there. It's really a unique company and they don't seem to look down on you. I can appreciate that .. I really can. It's good business.

I look forward to seeing what those guys at the Ranch and beyond come up with and will always be a supporter. At least they were nice enough to even write back and even sent my press kit back too (saves me a few bucks)

Hey at least it's not a "Dear Mr. Felux, please stop calling and bothering us, we are very busy and you suck! .. P.S. your movie sucks too and I am sending Lawyers and Gunguns to break your knees. Love Goerge"

At least we tried guys and remember doing nothing will get you nothing, so continue to dream, work hard, hone your skills and try and be nice to eachother out there!


John Moore said...

That sucks, put quite simply.

Shane Felux said...

Hey John, thanks for the comment post. I appreciate your sentiment, but come on, did we really expect anything rather then what we got in reply from LucasFilm? It's pretty common and let's be realistic. Sure in our heart of hearts we wish, and so that is why we try. All you can do is try and try and work harder.Hopefully there is reward at the end.

And for me.. "the hell with em' I'll go on and do it myself!"

No one is going to give you anything and no one will care as much as you.

John Moore said...

Truth be in the words ye be speakin' matey, but I must say, EVEN if it was a predictable answer, it STILL sucks, put quite simply.

Right? :D

Anyway, glad you're keeping up the high spirits! I had trouble when I walked empty handed from a film festival recently.

I hope I reacted as well publicly as you have.

Keep it up dude!

CaseVandy said...

Hey Shane!

I have been a fan now since I saw Revelations in June (sorry, late bloomer)!

I love the positive attitude you have, and yeah, it was very disconcerning, but expected. All of your fans (at least me) are waiting for more!

Just remember, there are other production companies out there, and to keep trying eventually becomes success!

Love the blog! I'll keep posting and reading, and if ya need some positive push, I'll get it to ya!


Chad Vandergrifft
Peoria, Arizona

Lee Doyle said...

Hey man. this is the first time I have seen your work and its great.

Sad to see Mr. Lucas did not watch your movie but I am sure when it gets real big him being a nerd (Yea I believe he is) he will have no choice to watch it... And then you can expect a nice call... and maybe some flowers :D if your lucky.

Really nice to see you do this work for free... Ill check your blog out when I can.

Thanks for the great movie, Lee Doyle

Jorg said...

Well...maybe he didn't see it when you went the formal route, but I have the feeling that some evening he'll be sitting in his home theatre with Steve and Francis, slurping down some of that Skywalker Wine, and they'll pop your movie into the player. Then, you'll get a phone call... :)