Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Adobe Spotlights "Revelations"

I am very jazzed to announce Adobe has released their Spotlight Article on Panic Struck Productions this week. This is pretty cool for me as I am a huge Adobe fan. I practically grew up on the stuff, teaching myself with a book and just by doing.

The wonderful thing is that there are many many talented artists out there that have done just that. Taken an affordable solution and applied themselves to creating wonderful works. Even the younger artists are picking it up and doing incredible things. Very exciting.

When I was making "Revelations" Adobe was such an easy choice, as I know the software and it was affordable yet very powerful. The entire film of "Revelations" was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro right in my basement office on a PC I built from the ground up with a single P4 processor and 1GB of RAM. So nothing fancy.

We used just about everything Adobe makes practically. After Effects for the composite and 2D animation work, Encore for DVD authoring, Golive for the Web, Audition for some sound work, Photoshop for all promo work, posters, Digital matte painting, and other 2D. I even used LiveMotion for the flash intro I had on the website. Told You I was an Adobe fan, and who isn't!

Adobe is one of the largest leaders in graphics media and makes affordable, powerful tool that get the job done. To me it was an honor for them to spotlight our work on "Revelations"

Today you yourself can pick up off the shelf the Adobe Professional Video collection for like $1200 and you have a full production solution right there. Add in a simple PC and a digital Video Camera.. There ya go.. Now go make your movie!! It's no different then what we did the first time.


Pete Bauer said...


I'm a big Adobe user myself. Used Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop and Encore for our DV feature called THE BOX.

I bought the Adobe package for half-price with my wife's student discount. Swee.t

I'm curious if you know of any good After Effects books or vids I can use for training. Its probably the most powerful of the suite and the one I have had the least need for so far. But I want to train myself on it, but don't know where to start.

Any suggestions?

Congrats on the Adobe article. Great stuff.

Shane Felux said...

Pete, I recommend the "Total Training" course. They are very informative, talk you right through it, and the DVD training courses are excellent!

When I first wanted to learn After Effects basics and so forth I got some of these video. They were very helpful.

If you want to save some bread you can always find copies of the training courses on Ebay

for books the "one on one" by Total training is good, as are the "Bible for .." are OK, as they are expensive and almost too detailed.

The "visual Quickstart Guide" books are pretty good as well.(it's the one with the Rabbit running)I have a ton of these.

hope that helps you and best of luck with it!

Pete Bauer said...

Wow, you even provided a link on ebay... impressive. :)

Thanks for the advice.

Shane Felux said...

I am here to help my friend and that's what it's all about! Use all the resources you can, and the internet is a powerful tool. I wouldn't have been able to make "Revelations" with out it.

As for Ebay? Hell yeah. I bought the camera I shot "Revelations" with on Ebay, as well as tons of stuff for making props, costumes, sets and all that jazz.

Mrdodobird said...

Hehe. All you crazy people, posing with your cameras.

I love it.