Monday, October 24, 2005

You guys actually Read this stuff?!

I didn't think you guys actually read this stuff but I got a very flattering email the other day from one of you and I wanted to share it with the rest of you guys.

One reader writes:
"I wanted to make a comment on your blog entry "Cut
From the Same Cloth?" Why were you trying to get in touch with

Robert Rodriguez? He's a no talent hack. All he does is
make films with little kids and use gimmicks like 3-D.
Dude, you're a bonafide phenomenon. You're on the
lips and minds of every movie lover in America. I've
seen your work and you're twice the filmmaker
Rodriguez is. I have a feeling that Hollywood is
going to come around and realize that. I wish you the
best in your future endeavors."

As I wrote this reader back I was very flattered and I also had to defend Robert Rodriguez wouldn't call the guy a hack for one, and to say "You're on the lips and minds of every movie lover in America" Oh if only that were true, but again I am deeply flattered! What can I say but thank you for the kindest thoughts.

The comment the reader writes just underlines my statement I was making to you guys earlier, there will be people who hate your work no matter who you are. There will be people who hate Lucas, Rodriguez, Coppola, even Spielberg films. Every audience is different and everyone has there opinion, and some feel very strongly about it.. welcome to America :)

Other news

This past weekend Dawn and a group of friends who all helped on "Revelations" went to the Maryland Renaissance festival. I love to go to this event, but I stayed home to watch the kids so Dawn could go out and have a great time with friends. It's only fair and as much as I wanted to go as I would have loved to have gotten dunk with friends like Frank and Gina Hernandez and having a great time, with kids you have to make sacrifices. It's just the way it is and sorry I could have been there guys, but as I understand it Frank got drunk enough for both of us!


Here is a great clip dawn captured at the event with her camera phone. It's Frank (aka: Declan) as Zorro the drunk blade climbing a wall.. Oh, I thought this was just too damn funny! I had to share it Frank .. so I give you "Zorro the Drunk Blade"

In Theaters Soon!

Calling Mr. Lucas

Also I actually, despite your encouragement or lack of comments, did contact George Lucas and got a hold of his receptionist. I figured I would just finally work my way up the food chain, and again what do I have to lose. Here is a bit of the conversation with Lucas' receptionist Ann.

George Lucas' office how may I help you?

Is Mr. Lucas available please?

I am afraid he is not in, can I help you perhaps?

Hopefully you can, my name is Shane Felux Executive Producer / Director from Panic Struck Productions and we would like to send a press kit and screener of our film "Revelations" for Mr. Lucas to perhaps review.

Oh are you submitting for the Academy Awards to possible selection?

Now you have to understand that large directors actually do get screeners for review and to vote on for the Academy Awards so this was a valid question and I was very tempted to say "Yes that's right, "Revelations" for a Academy choice" but even I could not do that. so I said

Ah, no mama "Revelations" is an independent film we would like Mr. Lucas to perhaps take a look at and perhaps get his interest.

(the receptionist's attitude changes right away)
OH, Mr. Lucas is very busy and does not have time to review every submission. He is in only one day a week and can not accept cold submissions for him to review.

(Now this comment is very understandable and correct. I mean most large studios and production houses won;t even speak to you, and she is right. Imagine is everyone and their brother wanted Lucas to watch their dumb films like "Revelations" So someone has to screen out the fan boys and freaks and so forth. But I am not a fan boy or freak, right? :)

So I can tell she is getting ready to politely drop the conversation when I stated

So you have not heard of my film Star Wars "Revelations"?
(There is a pause on here line before..)

Wait, you made a Star Wars film?

Yes Mama.

And did you get permission to make this from us?

No mama.

ah, perhaps you need to speak with our legal department.

No, I am good.

(I then went in to unconfusing the poor nice lady and explained fan films and what "Revelations" is. A complete non-profit film and even the 200 or some volunteers were not paid to make the film.

I actually have spoken with LucasFilm Ltd. Legal and permissions before and stated to them I would legally sign and give them anything they wanted of "Revelations" such as character, story, ships, whatever, as Star Wars is not my property to begin with and belong to them, so if they wanted to own "Revelations" to market and sell or do with what they wish I would gladly sign it all over to them without any compensation. It's their product, I just made the film and was lucky enough to play in that universe. They appreciate my attitude. But what can I say it is the truth and we didn't make this film to make money, but as a love of Star Wars and film making, and as an experiment to see just what we COULD do.

So once the receptionist at LucasFilm Ltd understood what I was and what "Revelations" is, and after giving her some accomplishments of the film she stated..

Well go ahead and send the press kit and DVD to me and that is the best you can do. I seriously doubt that Mr. Lucas will get a chance to see it.

(Fair enough, and I could expect nothing further. What do I have to lose by not sending it. So it might and probably will go in the trash, but you always have to try. So it's been Fedexed in the mail to Lucas today. I am not holding my breath. The only thing I can hope is perhaps someone might enjoy watching it and that is one extra happy audience member. That's good as well. )

So thus far I have sent the film to Robert Rodriguez, Rick McCallum, Steve Sansweet, Mary Franklin (both Steve and Mary are in Fan Relations at LucasFilm) and now George Lucas.

Next week Steven Spielberg .. LOL

So readers out there, I am trying. More in vane but whatelse would you have me do. I live under no pretense that any of these people would even give us a consideration or that I am some serious thing. But one has to try. You never get anywhere without trying.


Adam said...

Man I am impressed by your calmness with the receptionist. I was in sales for a long time, and I hated dealing with the "Gatekeeper". I really hope someone at lucasfilm sees your movie. It's really terrific an deserves notice.

Shane Felux said...

Hey thanks for the support Adam. Getting past the "Gatekeeper" as you call it (nice name BTW)
is tough but if you just be yourself and professional it's not to bad. What do you have to lose?

True alot of these "gatekeepers" in the industry are very cold and down right rude, but I have found that dealng with LucasFilm, everyone is really quite polite in a professional manner. They are just doing their jobs, and they represent very busy people.

Believe me if you were on the otherside of the stick you wouldn't want to be to talking to every freak, fanboy, and dork out there :) The "Gatekeeper" has a purpose and I respect their job, just as long as they are not rude and mean for no reason. If you hate your job then quit! Otherwise most are nice if you talk their talk and be yourself. not a dork. which is sometimes tough for me :)