Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well, the latest in the quest to continue on, is that I tracked down and was able to Fedex a press kit and screen of "Revelations" to Joss Whedon, creator of "Serenity" as well as other well knowns such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Firefly", "Angle" and writer for such things as; "Titan A.E", "Alien: Resurrection", "Toy Story" (to name a few).

So I confirmed with Joss' assistant that they did get the press kit and as always no promises to see it but well, I got it to em'. Best I can do.

One other interesting news bit I have to share and I have to say this one, if anything, made me smile. Fortune magazine contacted me and was asking the same question many of you have been asking "What do you have going on next?" Fortune wanted to know what I have been up to as they are working on an article about Technology Innovators, and were interested in my progress after the big debut of "Revelations"

Well first off I have to say I was amazed that someone like Fortune Magazine would even know who the hell I was or heard about me. That really amazed me from the start. So kind of neat I have to say! I was flattered that they would even contact me to show an interest in what I was doing. What am I doing?

To be honest I am doing quite a bit actually in terms of looking ahead and starting to set the pieces in motion for the next film project. This next one is going to be very challenging, and something that Independent film hasn't really done before. The Script treatment is being worked on and should be due 2 weeks from now.

We are looking at an original SciFi film on a scale that is quite scary, but hey I did it for 20K last time I think I can do more and better the next go round. It's going to be tough. The hard part is to find investor and backing for the next project, but we will figure something out, as I just can not afford to fund the next film myself again. I am still paying for it :)

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Mrdodobird said...


For your next video project.

Seriously. I'm in from the beginning. No matter what.

And as someone who loves Joss Whedon.

I glance to my left, "Millimeter Magazine" with Serenity on the cover.

I glance at my desktop, "Firefly" wallpaper.

I glance at my pinboard, picutre of Serenity I cut out of a magazine years ago, right next to the "Revelations Premiere Booklet" thing.

Ahh. Such good times.