Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rick McCallum Loves you

Well this blogging business is tough, especially when you don't have a lot of free time. how do all these millions of bloggers do it? My hats off to them.. anyway, I found sometime and thought I might jot a few things that I have been up to. Let's see.

I finally got to the point of "who cares" and "what do I have to lose" in terms of taking risks and trying ot make things happen.

So I called up LucasFilms a few weeks ago and asked to speak with Rick McCallum. Now I actually have met Rick before very briefly at Celebrations III. I had the balls big enough to dodge security and hand Rick a 2 disk DVD set of our film "Revelations" He was kind enough and took the DVD, and I was left wondering "now will that just go in the trash or will he watch it?" It's not uncommon, as producer are very busy and who the hell am I? ... nobody
So back to my phone call to LucasFilms, I was going to call Rick as a follow-up and see if he did in fact watch the film. I was transfered to his receptionist.

- Rick McCallum's office may I help you?

- Is Rick in please?

- May I ask who is speaking, and what this pertains to?

- This is Shane Felux Executive producer and Director of Panic Struck Productions, and I met with Rick at CIII and wanted to follow-up on if he watched the Revelations DVD screener I gave him.

- He is in his office with someone right now, let me just show him this card and see if he will take your call.

- Thank you.

Now I know as soon she goes into his office and shows him a card that says "Shane Felux: Exec. Producer/Director, Panic Struck Productions" Rick is going to look at her and say. "Who the hell is that?! Take a message!"

So I am on hold waiting for the receptionist to come back on and say "I am sorry Rick is unavailible right now" but I am takin back when a friendly male voice comes on the line

- Hello

Now I was thrown for a second and it flashed through my brain "oh shit what do I say now!" I really didn't expect to get through to Rick, but there he was, and I just jump right in, again what do I have to lose?

- Hello Rick! This is Shane Felux Exec. Producer .. blah, blah blah

- Hey, how are you?

- I'm good thanks. Listen I know you are very busy and I will not take much of your time, but I was the guy at CIII who came up to you and gave you a copy of our film "Revelations" Now I was just wanting to know if you had a chance to watch it or did that get West Coast thrown in the trash?

- Hmm, no actually I'm afraid I didn't see it.

(I knew it!) ah, it's like I said. It was expected but in your heart of heart you always wish and dream you will give your film to say Rick or even Lucas, and then will watch it, spit out their beverage of choice at some point in watching the film and grab the phone and yell " Hire this damn kid!!" LOL .. right.. like I said deep deep in your heart of hearts, come on it's in all of us.

So Rick asked me to send a copy to him and I FedEx him a press kit and DVD screener the next day. I later checked with his receptionist and confirmed he did get it and it was sitting in a pile to go home with him.

Now my story ends there as I have no idea if it's been seen by Rick or not. I am not holding my breath. Maybe I should just go for gold and try George next?

But even I do not have balls that big, but again like I said, what do I have to lose?? what do you guys think??

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