Monday, October 24, 2005

The nay sayers (rant)

I have to thank the so many people who email supporting us and who really enjoyed watching our film "Revelations" It really does make us feel good that if any audience out there might have liked what we did, then it makes the whole thing worth doing, and validates all the work we did.

Now anytime you make a film and I do not care who you are, some people will just hate it, simple as that, and you have to have a thick skin if you are going to put out something for the masses to see. No one likes to have their baby called ugly, but you better get use to it.
Does it sting sometimes? Hell yeah, and sometimes it even makes me laugh.

I read a lot of forums and really try and keep up with what people might be saying about the film. For the most part there is a ton of positive feedback, but it's the negative you always focus on, and it doesn't help the positive comments state stuff like " I liked this film, really enjoyable" and then the negative people go on and on for the length of a bible of how you suck, and this sucks, and you should die.

I will actually agree with most of the negative feedback, and in no way am I going to say "Revelations" is better than say Star Wars. No way, and I never would hint that it is.
As director any fault in the film falls on me, and believe me I see them, now some of your comments are just crack induced silliness and you really should give up the pipe! Crack kills kids.

I do think some of the writing is clunky, and the acting not the best. The camera is shaky sometimes and lighting is not just right. Sometimes the FX and composite work is rough and the audio could be better. But I used friends to make this film as that was what it was about. Doing something we love, involving friends and fans and trying to do the best we can. "Revelations" is not a profit marketable film, but a love of a story and universe we wanted to play in. So I am proud of our writers, actors and cast. They did this all for nothing other than the believe and love of the film.

"Revelations" is a fan film, made for close to nothing, and made by amateurs. But I have to defend I am very proud of what we did and completed with so little and for the production value we completed. All this not done by a studio, but a guy working out of his basement in his spare time between the 9-5 job, kids, wife, bills, and so forth. This is not a defense just a fact that in no way does "Revelations" compare to what you go to see the big studios putting out, but I have to say it comes pretty damn close! In terms of an independent it's quite impressive. Take a look at most fan film and independent films and you will see what I mean. Most are pretty damn bad. With poor acting, writing, camera, lighting (or lack there of) and just pure crap. But there are a few jems out there and independent film is getting better and better and the skill sets and tools become more and more available for independent productions.

The remarkable part about "Revelations" is not the story, characters, sets or the FX, but the idea of how digital technology can be used and applied by your average man who has a dream and vision, and can in fact make a close to Hollywood film for very little. It is the story of creating something with volunteers from around the world and coordinating all their efforts into one project via the internet age and high-speed online technology. It's about how the little guy can stand up and do something! Is it perfect or the most brilliant thing? Hell no, not yet, but we hope to get better. So get going and make your dreams!


John Moore said...

Hey man, I just wanna say, I thought your movie was very well done.

The Aholes who complain about every weak spot in a film that was, as you say, made by volunteers with no hope of ever getting a return, simply have nothing better to do than to rag on people who gave it their god-honest best, and should be pitied.

I feel sorry for them. They surely can't enjoy life as much as you or I do!

So, yeah, big congrats. Loved your movie. I flipped out when I saw it in 'Maximum PC' as a Divx test. I was elated!

Anyway, have a good time man, keep up the good work!

God Bless!

~ John.

Shane Felux said...

Thanks for the kind support John, it warms our hearts over here! Hopefully we will have your support for our next film, which I am working on .. we shall see.

John Moore said...

Haha, absolutely.

I'm a cheering fan!

It's interesting that I was familiar with you (though not nearly as much of a fan as I am now) before Revelations, I was a fan of Zap's before Revelations, and I was a fan of Ian Hubert's before I knew he worked on Revelatinos.

Great minds work together, I suppose!

Keep it up man, and I'm looking forward to your next show!