Sunday, October 23, 2005

Happy Anniversary - 6 years, but who's counting

Well today actually celebrates my 6th year wedding anniversary with the writer/producer/costume designer of "Revelations", oh yeah and wife. Dawn Cowings, yes she kept her maiden name.. don't get me started)
Six years.. three of which were spent making "Revelations" together which making a film can really put a strain on a relationship. But we weathered and saw it though as we always have, good and bad, and so we can be here today to celebrate our 6th year anniversary.

I decided to change up things this year and start a new tradition. Normally I am the one who makes the plans and arrangements for the anniversary outing, and I got to thinking, "Let's switch off. Each year the other person plans the event" it's more fun this way, and we get to try and outdo each out, plus planning a celebrated event is really fun to show someone how you love them. You get pleasure out of giving them an enjoyable evening.

So this years anniversary plans were in Dawn's hands, and she chose an exquisite 5 star restaurant/inn to celebrate at, The Inn at Little Washington, in Washington, VA.
I had always wanted to take Dawn there myself but it is about a 45min drive out towards the mountains and is VERY expensive. So I was thrilled when she reveled where it was she had made reservations. You can actually get rooms to stay there, but we were lucky to get a babysitter to watch the kids just so we could have a romantic dinner. (Thank you Kim so much!)
It's tough when you have no family around in the state you live it, besides the rooms I think are like $500 a night.. no thanks!

So, we had an excellent gourmet pampered evening with the finest wine and food I have had in quite sometime. Now I know that Dawn picked this restaurant with me in mind as I really do enjoy fine dining more so than her and my tastes are in French cuisine, such as rabbit, pheasant, duck, and lamb with superb sauces and presentation. The Inn at Little Washington is that and MORE.. wow such great food.
Don't read me wrong I am a meat and potatoes guy, but I can and do enjoy a fine wine and gourmet meal.

I actually worked as a chef to help pay my way through college back in the day, and started off as a prep cook for a fine restaurant. I eventually made my way up to Chef de Partie with main role in saute. So I really enjoyed and developed a liking to fine foods and wines. In fact I USE to have a great wine collection until my graduation night of college I decided to really celebrate, and that fine wine was meant to be drunk, and by everyone, so I almost destroyed the whole collection, but what a great night it was .. Anyway I digress.

Back to "The Inn at Little Washington" ... The food was incredible as I had:

First Course: Seared Tuba Sashimi with Daikon Radish & cucumber Sorbet

Second Course: Seared Duck Breast with baby Arugula, Pine Nuts & Parmesan.

Main Course: Medallions of Rabbit loin wrapped in house cured pancetta surrounding a Lilliputian Rabbit rib roast on a pillow of Rutabaga puree.. Say that 5 times! eitherway you say it .. it's awesome!

Dessert was 7 deadly sins" which is a sampling in small portions of almost the desserts, and the alcohol for the night was a Reisling, a Chianti, and a Muscat. I was not feeling much pain when I left the Inn other than the burning sensation in my right ass cheek when my wallet seem to combust into flames and burn to a cinder from the cost of the evenings exquisite meal and drink.
But it was all worth it. Happy Anniversary Dawn!

A few funny things, at the end of the night one of the managers comes over to see how out evening and dinner was and of course makes some small talk. One comment he made to me was " You are looking very satirical tonight, quite nice" now after so many drinks and such food I just smile and nodded my thanks, and then when he walked away I was left thinking "Did that guy just insult me, and I am to drunk and dumb to know it?"

"Satirical?? What the hell does that mean by saying I look very satirical tonight??"

"Is he implying I am some sort of satire he finds amusing, like I am some sort of clown!?"
What the hell was this guy saying?? I looked it up and I still can not figure what this guy was implying, all definitions I find are of; satire, mockery, tomfoolery and so forth.

The other thing during the night was when the Sommelier came by and poured the wine I ordered, she could tell I was not over impressed with it, so she asked what was it I didn't like. Well I am more of a fruity blend that is not too harsh or oaken. She smiled and nodded and stated " I know just what you need"

She comes back, and normally when a wine is first brought to you, you first sample it before then fill your glass, this time when she brought the wine she simply poured it in a glass and said " here is what you need" and walked away

I made a joke to Dawn in which I pissed the Sommelier off in my poor taste of wine and she simply went and got a bottle of Sutter's Home and said "here, this is your class, drink this and shut up! Not like you could tell a good wine if it bit you in the ass"
I just thought it was funny that on her second return I didn't even get to decide if I would like this recommended wine she was offering, it was just poured for me and that is what I got. Suffice to say it was ok, but not worth $25 a glass.

It was still a great evening and meal and the company wasn't to bad :)
I highly recommend "The Inn at Little Washington" if you are even in the DC/Northern VA area and want superb food, style, & service. It's pricey but excellent! The pictures I posted in this blog are from the Inn, quite a nice place. My kind of style.

Tell em' Shane sent you .....

and they won't give a damn :)


Morris said...

Congrats on your 6 years! It always makes me smile when I see someone who has found true love! Be sure to write about all the steamy romance that resulted!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Shane Felux said...

"romance that resulted??" hah, too fat bloated and drunk for anything afterwards from me .. now how it that for romance for you? That's life my friend, and I simply went to sleep.