Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dressing a Galaxy

OK, so I was doing some Christmas shopping for Dawn (Dawn don't read this) and I know the one thing she wants is this book "Dressing a Galaxy: the Costumes of Star Wars" so I start looking into it. Well the first thing I find, besides the price, is that it's hard to get and very popular. So to do some proper research I contact the expert and got a hold of a good friend Tish Well with Knight Ridder (which is not pronounced Night Rider I learned early on) LOL ... love ya Tish.

anyway Tish actually went to the Press Junket for the costume exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and she had the rare honor to speak with the costume designer of Star Wars Trisha Biggar and even met the big man himself Lucas in a brief interview.

As always Tish writes a great review and if you are wondering if this book is for you or something that will make a great gift, check out what Tish has to say about it.
`Dressing a Galaxy': A lavish look at the `Star Wars' costumes

The kewl thing is I found a great price for the big grand Exclusive series book at Overstock.com, which normally costs $295.00 but overstock has it for $185.68! I love savings!
But this is for the exclusive uber sweet costumes dream book. The normal one is just $29.92, so there ya go.

Plus they have pre-orders for the Episode III DVD, oh Yeah!
Check it out here at Overstock.com

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