Monday, October 31, 2005

Director's Hallow

Happy Halloween to any and all of you out there.

This year I dressed as a Necromonger from
"The Chronicles of Riddick" .

I love this costume as it is an actual screen-used costume from the film, and it is so well made, considering it was made for film. I would say this costume is actually over made, as it's top quality workmanship and really shows.

I really enjoyed "The Chronicles of Riddick" for what it was, and loved the production value and of course Vin Diesel.

It's a fun film with some good action and stunning FX. I am not to crazy for what they did to the story and character backgrounds, as I liked "Pitch Black" more, but "Cronicles" was still an enjoyable film, and even more fun is wearing the Necro's costume!

Only bad thing with this costume is that it is very heavy and VERY HOT. After awhile your back really starts to hurt as the Captain's cape in the back is a heavy rubber and really pulls the upper shoulders and back. Suffer for the art I say as it's worth it.

The suit is made from a high cast rubber that is really stout, and even has pieces of leather incorporated in the costume construction here and there. The rigging is really well thought out and again my hat goes off to the guys who designed and made these pieces. Some of the best I have seen that was made for film!

Here is a pic of this years pumpkin carving at our house. This year Dawn actually carved this one and I think did an awesome job at it! I screwed mine up and it went in the trash (sigh) But Dawn saved Halloween and came out with the stunning Vader Pumpkin.

You can get great Star Wars Pumpkin patterns at:
So perhaps you can bookmark for next year :)

Hope everyone had a Happy and Save Halloween!

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