Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cut from the Same Cloth?

Well, as I continue to just do anything I can to make something happen, I had been following a holy grail quest of my own in which I wanted to get in contact with Robert Rodriguez, director of films like "El Mariachi" and "Sin City" to name a few.

Now the interesting thing about Robert is that he and I have a lot in common actually, not to try and put myself in the same league as him.. no way, but we are both from San Antonio, and he went to UT (Austin) whereas I went to SWT(San Marcos) just down the road from each other.

Robert was never good in school and actually couldn't get in the film department because his grades were not good enough. Eventually he got in by beating the senior class in a film festival. Myself, I was never great at the academic side as well (as you can see from my spelling and grammar) but we both went on and were in the creative side and working with people.

Rodriguez is well know for his very low budget film "El Mariachi" which actually got him his start. a remarkable film for it's time and age in which he did it all for 7K. This was not something that was really done at the time with the skill and look that Robert created. He is one hell of an editor and a great book to read is "Rebel without a Crew"

Now I created and made "Revelations" for just under 20K another thing in terms of scope and scale of "Revelations" which just isn't done. So I thought "Maybe we have somethings in common and might be able to talk a bit about it. Who knows.

So I actually was able to get a number to TroubleMaker Studios (a feat that was not easy) and I spoke with Robert's assistant.
She was very nice and I explained who I was and what I had done. Believe it or not TroubleMaker studio had heard of us. Now I had to say "Ah, come on! You have heard of us and our film "Revelations" you have actually watched it?!!

She replied " Yes, it was pretty hard to miss, and we were impressed"

Well color me flattered! It was very kind of her to say, but in this biz I have a hard time believing anything. But it was a great compliment and I had to smile!

So I sent a Fedex press kit and screener of the film and that's the best I could do. I doubt if it will get to him but again.. what do I have to lose.

Now I was actually in San Antonio just past week visiting family when I thought "hell, maybe Robert and I could get together briefly for lunch" I would love to see how they run things over there, as I am always interested in other production houses, especially when my production house is just me in my basement :)

So I call Robert's assistant again and see if Robert might be available. She stated he works from home a lot and doesn't come into the office to often. Well I just said, "well, give him a call see if he would want to get together and have him give me a call" she stated she would.
Well, again I don't hold my breath on things like that, and went on with my day.

Well,the phone never rang, and I simply enjoyed myself down at the coast with my brother and Father going fishing in the bay and doing a bit of gambling. It was still a great weekend, Rodriguez or no :)


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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I love 'Rebel without a crew' great book as is 'The Evil Dead Companion'